Kaleider Screensaver 5.0

Kaleider Screensaver 5.0: Kaleider emulates kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3D mirroring and funneling effects. Kaleider generates Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels automatically in random or scripted sequences. Configuration allows control of which effects are included and how often they are rendered. The Wandering option adds motion to the graphics. The Rooms feature creates depth perspectives, optionally with automated Roaming movements. Mandala Mode shows patterns centered within a circle. Music can accompany the visual effects.

Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a: Kaleid-O-Space brings you all the mesmerizing beauty of a real kaleidoscope.
Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a

Kaleid-O-Space is a mesmerizing animated screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope, right on your PC! But, Kaleid-O-Space is much more than a screen saver. Think of it as an interactive toy for your mind and soul. The screensaver features 18 different animated mandala kaleidoscopes and can be used interactively, or as a traditional screen saver that terminates when the mouse is moved.

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